1. After payment, you receive your account in a text file (.txt file format)
2. To work with the account you will need:
   - A very easy-to-use editor with .txt files Notepad++. Free you can download from the official website.
   - Download anti-detect browser.
   - You can work with accounts from your IP, but we strongly recommend using mobile proxies with the ability to change IP.
   - To avoid problems with FB (checkpoint/zrd/ban), we recommend to use IP (proxy) of the same country as the account (see account description).
   - Cookies (cookies), you will find in a text file. You need to insert them into the antidetect. Example Cookies Cookies
   - UserAgent, is also in a file and you also insert it into the antidetect. Example UserAgent UserAgent
 3. You can not use antidetect and log in to the account by login and password (like login/pass on Facebook), but in almost 100% of cases, the account will go to checkpoint. 
 4. To pass the checkpoint, you'll need to log in to the post office(what does the login/password look like on the post office).
 5. If in the process, your account has been banned by the RDA (ban on advertising), you can try to restore it using the instructions from FB. There is no 100% guarantee of passing, but we recommend trying to pass!